Mar 21 2020

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FHA Loan – Credit Qualifying for FHA Loans

In addition to your ability to pay for a mortgage (as indicated by your debts and income), FHA will look at your ability to repay as indicated by your credit report. Your willingness will be judged by your credit report records — that is, how well you’ve paid your loans and other debts in the past.

If you are unsure what your credit report is like, you may want to begin by getting a free credit report that you can view immediately online by clicking >> Here.

To help you understand why credit is important and why FHA will look at your credit, please try to understand the following:

Whenever you borrower money (credit cards, auto loans, student loans, etc.) you are making a commitment to that creditor to pay them back on the terms mutually agreed upon. If you are late making the payment then you broke the commitment and the lender can indicate this on your credit report.

The lender does not know why you are late, they just know that you broke the commitment agreed upon. They are not responsible on helping you manage your bills and debt, as they simply make and offer and the borrower accepts the terms.

This is why your credit is very important in qualifying for a home loan. Although you are supposed to have perfect credit, FHA will allow for minor past credit issues, as long as there is a “reasonable” reason why there was an issue.

FHA will look mostly at the last two years of your credit history. If there are some credit issues, we may be able to overcome them with sufficient explanations and supporting documents of why the issues occurred. Following is some the the reasons FHA will accept:

  • Lost of Job
  • Job Transfer
  • Serious Illness

As long as it seems to make sense, and it is not just because you did not make the payment or because you had too much other debt.

You should not rule yourself out of qualifying for FHA loan to buy a home or refinance your existing mortgage because of credit issues until a mortgage professional has reviewed your credit.

There are some credit issues that you must allow for a certain time (seasoning) to past before you can qualify for a FHA loan. They are follows:

  • Two years from the date of discharge for a Bankruptcy
  • Three years from the date of Foreclosure

Also FHA would typically require that any outstanding collection accounts, judgments, charge off’s be paid off in full before closing your loan but not necessarily before “approving” your loan.

If you have a “Federal Tax Lien” that is in a repayment agreement, you do not have to pay it off in full but you must be able to qualify with the monthly payment of the repayment agreement. “State Tax Liens” typically must be paid in full prior to closing your FHA loan.

Another advantage of FHA loans is that FHA does not require a credit scoring item called a FICO (Fair Issac Company) score. So if you have no credit at all you may still qualify for a FHA loan. If you have some credit you will typically need a minimum middle credit score of 580 to qualify for a FHA loan. If you are not sure what your credit score is, you can click here to order your credit scores online. This allows more home buyers to qualify to purchase or refinance a home.

When you apply to get pre-qualified for a FHA home loan, we will order a credit report for you. The credit report will show your record of payments on loans, charge cards and other similar debts. If you have never had a loan or a charge card, you can show that you have a good record of payment on your utility bills and rent payments.

We will review your credit report with you. Should you have some credit issues that prohibit you from qualifying for a FHA loan now, we will show you how to correct the issues so that you we can help you qualify to purchase a home or refinance your mortgage in the future or you can contact a law firm specialized in credit repair.

Learn how FHA will look at your bank accounts and savings in determining your loan qualification by clicking here.


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