Apr 23 2020

Black star hip hop

<a title="Black" href="">Black</a> <a title="star" href="">star</a> hip hop-<a title="Black" href="">Black</a> <a title="star" href="">star</a> hip hop
Black star hip hop Constructor: Luke Vaughn Relative difficulty: Challenging THEME: MOUNT ST. HELENS ( 39A: It left part of itself in 11 states in 1980 ) — ASH from this volcano can be

Black star hip hop

Constructor: Luke Vaughn

Relative difficulty: Challenging

THEME: MOUNT ST. HELENS (39A: It left part of itself in 11 states in 1980) — ASH from this volcano can be found all over the grid (in 11 different squares)

Word of the Day: ASHTON Eaton (60D: Olympic decathlon gold medalist ___ Eaton) —

The more I look at this one, the more I like it, at least in terms of the theme conception. D >ON A SHORT LEASH and TEXAS HOLD ‘EM the best of the rebus-related answers. My main problem with this one was that once I discovered the gimmick (ASH squares), there wasn’t anything left to do but find them. In practice, I found this somewhat tedious. On the one hand, I was grateful for the rebus, as it *definitely* helped me solve: SE corner went down in a flASH because SODASHOP (49D: Place to get a malted) was a gimme once I knew what I was looking for. But uncovering SLASH after CLASH after GNASH , well, it ground me down a little after a while. So this puzzle falls under the category of “Puzzles That I Recognize Are Very Well Made But That I Enjoyed Only A Little For Reasons That Are Probably Highly Personal And Idiosyncratic.” There is one problem though—see if you can spot it:

That NW corner was a killer, first because it was where I started, and I could get only the weakest of footholds before falling down again and again, and second because even after I got the ASH theme, I couldn’t figure out 1A: Sheepish ( ASHAMED ). All I wanted was ABASHED, which fit the clue, and fit in the gr >ASHCROFT ever existed and spent some time trying to remember the other Bush appointee who was so terrible … still can’t remember his name … Gonzales? *Yes*, Alberto Gonzales! If this had been an ALE rebus, I’d’ve been in business. But no. It was a really good day if you’re a big fan of the early 2000s, what with ASHCROFT and EVE (4D: Female rapper with the 2002 hit “Gangsta Lovin'”) and ASHANTI (53D: One-named singer with the 2003 hit “Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)”) in the house. That is probably not the kind of company ASHCROFT is used to keeping, but whoomp, there it is. MOS DEF (28A: Half of hip-hop’s Black Star) adds to the puzzle’s strong Hip-Hop flavor/a.

One other main problem: wanted FELT instead of WEPT (43A: Had pity (for)). Seems small, and it is, but the consequences of that mistake seemed huge. Kept me from coming down easily into that SE corner of the gr >ASHEN in this puzzle is a tad disappointing, as it’s the only ASH that actually relates directly to ASH. Would’ve been more elegant to run the table with non-ASH-realted ASHes. But again, this is good work. Much better than SO-SO (57A: All right). The ASH onslaught was a bit relentless, but that was, in its way, fitting. In parting, let me make the random observation that MOUNT ST HELENS can be parsed as MOUNTS THE LENS , and now that is all I can see when I look at the grid.

I leave you with a flick called (almost) OON FLIC :


Black star hip hop


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