Apr 25 2020

Riz ahmed james corden

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James Corden and 'The Night Of' star Riz Ahmed squared off in the latest 'Late Late Show' 'Drop The Mic' battle Careful, James — dude's a real emcee

Riz Ahmed Spits Fire in James Corden’s Face on Latest ‘Drop the Mic’ (V >

“Rogue One,” Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad, and the United Airlines debacle all get shredded to pieces

Riz Ahmed can rap, y’all. Like, for real — it’s one of his many jobs.

James Corden’s not impressed by the “Night Of” star and “Girls” actor’s resume, however.

“You might recognize him from some TV shows/or not at all/if you don’t pay for HBO,” the CBS funnyman ripped his guest on Monday’s “Drop the Mic” battle.

A few bars later, he added: “This is a bloodbath/It’s not a fair fight/It’s like you were overbooked on the United air flight.”

In response, Ahmed compared Corden to “Sean Spicer mixed with a singing Uber driver,” and accused the “Late Late Show” host of ripping off both Graham Norton’s and Ellen Degeneres’ schtick.

“I bet you think you’re so great/but your chat show’s so late, bruh/nobody’s awake,” the “Rogue One” actor rhymed.

There was plenty more where that came from, including pretty good lines about Kendall Jenner’s yanked Pepsi ad and the recent United Airlines incident.

Watch the video above.

‘Girls’: 10 Times Hannah Showed Up Wearing the Wrong Thing (Photos)

Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is the center of the Brooklyn-based storm that is the “Girls” quartet. She’s known for her comical, spontaneous escapades. Here are 10 times her outfits showed just how unprepared she was.

In Season 1, Episode 7, the whole gang goes to a warehouse party in Bushwick. Marnie (Allison Williams) and Jessa (Jemima Kirk) are dressed to the nines, and Hannah is wearing a cardigan and shorts over tights. It’s prime example of Hannah just being herself.

In Season 2, Episode 2, Hannah wears a sleeveless orange sleeping bag. She’s at home and looks comfy, so she’s not really underdressed in this case. But this outfit is just too hilarious not to include. And, to be honest, we’re a little jealous of her Snuggie upgrade.

Hannah wears a perfectly fine tank top to a party with Elijah (Andrew Rannells) in Season 2, Episode 3, but switches shirts with a guy in the middle of the dance floor. The top is mesh, and see through, and we see. everything. Maybe she’s channelling NYC’s #FreeTheNip movement?

OK, so Hannah’s outfit is actually pretty appropriate in Season 3, Episode 5, but her attitude practically cancels out her black blouse. She bombards the new widow with questions about her e-book, instead of paying respects to her deceased editor.

Oh, Hannah. We know you meant well. In Season 3, Episode 10, she’s trying to seduce Adam in a new way because she feels him pulling away from her. Unfortunately, Adam isn’t too down and she’s left frustrated and feeling bad.

Hannah’s teacher outfit in Season 4, Episode 8 is very teacher-y, but once again her attitude doesn’t match her threads. In this episode, she takes one of her students (Maude Apatow), to get a frenulum piercing, promising she’ll get one too. Not only is this inappropriate, she also bails on getting her piercing.

When Hannah goes on a retreat with her mom in Season 5, Episode 5, she wears a trendy swimsuit to go hiking. She even manages to strategically use it as a pocket for her cell phone. But seriously, isn’t she worried about poison ivy?

By the end of Marnie’s (Allison Williams) wedding episode, Hannah gets her bridesmaid’s dress right, but in the meantime she comically cannot get the straps right. While she can and does rock some unique styles, exposing your midsection in a wedding probably isn’t the most tasteful move. She does achieve a cool, Greek-goddess look, though. Season 5, Episode 1.

When Hannah goes to surf camp in Season 6, Episode 1, she mistakenly takes another woman’s wetsuit. She obligingly takes it off to give it back, but. isn’t wearing a bathing suit underneath.

It’s true that Hannah didn’t know she was walking into an engagement party, but she’s underdressed nonetheless. Soshanna (Zosia Mamet) even calls her out on it, saying wearing overalls to an engagement party is something Hannah would totally do. Season 6, Episode 9.

Lena Dunham character’s spontaneity lands her in awkward situations… and awkward outfits

Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is the center of the Brooklyn-based storm that is the “Girls” quartet. She’s known for her comical, spontaneous escapades. Here are 10 times her outfits showed just how unprepared she was.


Riz ahmed james corden


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