Jun 27 2020

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Many would cherish a life without having to borrow money. Unfortunately, that is difficult to achieve.

Loans are a crucial part of life just as is the case with finding food and shelter. Having a couple of loans under your belt is not an unusual thing.

However, juggling multiple loans can be quite a headache. Managing their repayment is even worse. Loans can be a useful instrument only if you use them wisely. Payday loans, if left unattended, can cause you a lot of misery.

Get your money in record time

Payday loan processing takes only a short time. Armed with copies of your identification, recent pay stubs, bank statements, utility, bills, and a check, you could obtain cash in less than half an hour.

Upon verification of your residence, employment and bank status, you proceed to write a check. As agreed with the lender, they hold it for 14 days after which they will deposit it. In return, the payday lenders give you cash equivalent to the check amount less the finance charge.

The maturity-day-effect

If everything goes according to plan, you can pay back the lender in cash. The transaction concludes, and you have no further obligation. However, if you do not repay on or after the maturity date, the situation triggers a response from the lender.

The lending firm will deposit your check, and once it clears, you will have paid the loan in full. When you cannot repay, your lender allows renewal of the credit facility through a rollover. Here, you pay the finance charge that was due on the loan’s maturity. Meanwhile, the lender will hold the check you gave him for another two weeks.

Rising and falling hope

Upon acquisition of a payday loan, you raise the expectations that you shall pay in the coming few days. Payday comes but alas, procrastination sets in, and you roll the loan over for another two weeks. To trim the accumulating fees and interest, you borrow some more and use the funds to offset interest.

Before you realize the kind of situation you have gotten into, you can neither pay up the initial amount nor the interest from subsequent loans. Meanwhile, you still have mounting credit card debt that you also need to resolve. Perhaps you are still repaying the mortgage on the house, and a car loan is also in your portfolio.

Pressure, a trigger for consolidation

With piling pressure to clear your dues, discoverВ debt consolidation seems like the most brilliant path to pursue. Through this approach,merge all your loans and centralize their payment. Instead of having an array of payments all over, a single remittance window suffices.

Professionals from the payday loan industry claim that borrowers use these loans one time after which they move on with their lives. On the contrary, credible research has shown that on average, one payday loan customer has about 11 transactions in a year. The statistic translates to roughly one loan per month.

The consolidated loan, an idea right on time

Sadly, many Americans who borrow payday loans have accumulated debt that is not necessarily related to the cash advance variety. Besides, lenders have made their rates so high such that members of the public find it difficult to pay back.

Once you borrow for the first time, you realize that you are short in the following month. You have no option but to borrow again and the situation renews itself with additional fees.

Payday loan consolidation helps you focus on one payment. Besides, you stop the ever-persistent debt collectors from haunting you. Managing a consolidation debt calls for strict discipline.

Unfortunately, most people who get debt-ridden end up there for lack of discipline. For such borrowers, a payday loan consolidation program would only treat the symptom.

Do not be surprised that one year after you have secured a consolidation loan, you now owe other creditors too. On the brighter side, if you prepare a financial plan and remain faithful to it, the chances of success are high.

Therefore, consolidating should not be your first step. You should start with planning your finances while aiming at being debt-free.

Hard work equals relief

A payday loan relief sounds good, but you must be ready to put in the work. Look at it from an alarm clock point of view. Every evening, you set your clock 15 or 20 minutes ahead to give you a head start.

The idea is a brilliant one only if you stick to it for a few days. Soon, you resign to the reality that your clock is only 15 minutes ahead, and you start getting late again.

A payday loan settlement works in a similar fashion. You so work hard on reducing the debt burden, and once the benefits start trickling in, you drop ball and go back to your bad habits.

Extending a payday loan looks like a convenient and inexpensive way. However, you remain trapped and what was once a small loan soon spirals into an exponential obligation. Your options are to either default on your payments or find a way to pay up.

Through consolidation, you bring an end to recurring fees while interest rates stop increasing. You must then draft a payment plan that ties to your budget. Paying back the loan becomes less burdensome plus you regain financial traction quickly.

Consolidating your payday loan

  1. Obtain your credit report: Knowing your credit score is essential in two ways. First, a score of above 660 will help you obtain low interest rates on a consolidated loan. Second, it determines whether you are a trusted borrower or not. In other words, can you pay your debts on time?
  2. Compute what you owe in total: An overview of your total debt paints a picture of how much you can comfortably consolidate. With total borrowing of below $3,000 and a good credit score, you can secure a consolidated credit card debt. Such cards exempt you from high interest rates for the initial one year, and this could extend to 18 months.
  3. Contact a bank or credit union: Your bank is an ideal starting point since that is where you maintain a checking account. Make an application online or speak to customer service agent in person. If unsuccessful, try a smaller bank.
  4. Peer-to-peer lending: Here you may find individuals who are willing to offer you cash in return for a stake in your loan. All they will require is that you pay back through the site; these are online lenders.
  5. Compare the company offers available: Several banks and credit card firms may agree to advance you a consolidation loan. Compare their terms, rates, fees and so on. The idea is to save as much money as you can.

To wrap up

No matter how hard you would wish not to, borrowing money is inevitable. Payday loans are a popular alternative with their quick processing by lenders.

You can sort your need, pay it back and go back to your life. Unfortunately, many borrowers find themselves rolling over and end up accumulating debt. By approaching and discover debt consolidation company, you can offload the payday loan burden and remain with a one-debt obligation.

You will need a credit report after which you sum up all your outstanding debt. Find a lender who can offer you a consolidated loan.

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