Jul 6 2020

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Loan websites in usa


Online Loans Canada

We can help you with debt consolidation, personal loans, installment loans and payday loans

Get a quick online loan in Canada with very little effort, simply complete our fast online form to get cash now. We offer short term loans like a payday loan and medium to long term loans like our installment loans.

Your credit history doesn’t need to be perfect, getting approval isn’t difficult as long as you have a steady source of income, your age is 18 or over and have a valid bank account, our service wont affect your credit score either!

Private Loan Shop respects your privacy and protects your personal information, our secure website uses the latest security features available to websites to ensure quality online security for our clients.


All you need is a few minutes to be on your way to getting an online payday loan or installment loan, complete the online form now using either your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Installment Loans

Private Loan Shop helps you find cash loan fast which can be paid off over a longer term, these loans are called installment loans, get a hassle free online loan with us today! Applying will not affect your credit score unlike other online loan websites, we find you a suitable lender without needing to fill in multiple application forms on different websites. Our installment loans can be deposited to your bank account the next business day and qualifying for a loan is very simple!

Personal Loans

We now provide you the option of a Personal Loan, you can borrow up to $35,000 to pay for large purchases, you may want to take a vacation, pay for your wedding expenses, grow your business or do some home improvement renovations to your house, whatever it is you need money for we are here to help you with a simple personal loan pre-approval, apply now using the button below.

Payday Loans

Need money fast? First decide how much money you need to borrow and complete our quick and simple online application form. When it comes to online payday loans we have a reputation for helping thousands of people successfully get the cash they need quickly and easily. Our reliable support team is always available to answer your questions, you’ll never be without cash again in difficult or emergency situations.
Get your money now!

Cash Loans

Do you need a cash loan? We can provide you with a Cash Loan from as small as $500 up to $35,000 so you can pay off those bills or buy something for yourself! Pay it off over a term that suits your income level and payment schedule. Apply online with us and you have the option to choose the best suitable cash loan, get a pre-approval now by applying with us.

Our Customer Reviews

Sam Henderson

“I needed to buy school books but I wasn’t going to get paid for another two weeks. I got a fast payday loan and a credit card so I could purchase my books online immediately and have a backup for next time with the credit card.”

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Candice Maynard

“I used to apply for payday loans with one website but since using Private Loan Shop I haven’t looked back, other sites make you wait for approval and do credit checks, plus private loan shop are open 24 hours a day, I’ll be back for sure!”

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Jamie Morrow

Private Loan Shop managed to get me an online payday loan even though my credit score was really bad! The online service was quick and painless so I’d recommend them to anyone who needs a cash loan fast!”

Toronto, ON, Canada

Getting Started

If you have full or part-time employment, a valid Canadian bank account and are at least 18 years old you can get an online payday loan today. It doesn’t take long to apply and no faxing is required. Simply fill in the quick online application and that’s it! To learn more about our loan services please visit our FAQ page.

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Loan Disclaimer

Whether you need a loan in Canada or in the USA you should always be informed about the lender you select. Transparency is key when selecting a cash advance company to borrow money from. This disclaimer is for educational uses only and should not be considered legal advice. Private Loan Shop has no official government affiliation but complies with both provincial and federal laws in Canada and the United States.

The APR | The Annual Percentage Rate is the actual rate at that your online loan accrues and is based entirely upon a group of factors, including but not limited to the amount and interest attached to your loan, the term, repayment amounts and the payments schedules. Only the approving lender may give you your loan terms. By law, in Canada and the United States, the payday lender must provide the APR before you enter into any loan agreement. The owner/operator of this site is not a payday lender, loan broker or agent for any lender or loan broker. We do not have access to the particulars of your loan. Private Loan Shop facilitates the communication between yourself and eligible lenders.

The Implications of Non-Payment | In the case that you do not repay your loan on or before the loan due date, your loan will be considered “delinquent” and will be subject to a fee defined by the lender. In addition, your bank will charge you an NSF (non sufficient funds) fee for the failed item. The rate of interest will continue to grow on the unpaid balance. In the event that you fail to repay your loan you will not be allowed to borrow from the lender again until you have paid of the balance in full. Only reputable collection agencies that comply with all lawful collections practices are employed and the customer’s credit rating may be negatively impacted if payment is not made in a timely fashion.

Collection Practices | Private Loan Shop collects information about you by and through your access to and use of this website and through your use of the Company’s referral services (“Company’s services”). Some of the provided information is collected through your submission of information when you submit your information on the Site. Any use of our services is entirely voluntary, and you are not required to provide any information to us unless you so choose to.


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