Jul 8 2020

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Personal loan places


Have it your way

Borrowing shouldn’t be complicated.

We’ve designed a personal loan that’s straightforward to use, competitively priced and tailored to you.

Apply for yours in a few minutes with a few taps in the app, then once it’s approved, you’ll see the money straight away. It sounds easy – because it is.

A little something extra

Or a lot. Weddings, world wandering; whatever’s on the horizon, a Starling Loan is built to take the pressure off whenever those bigger expenses crop up. Get a loan for.

Get a wedding loan to boost your biggest day.

Home improvements

New house? Make it a home with a loan for home improvements.

Going places? Go the distance with a travel loan.

Upgrade your drive with a personal loan for a car.

and everything else

A personal loan could help you pay for a new nursery or medical bills.

How a Starling loan works

You can use your Starling loan in two ways; either spread the cost of something after you’ve bought it or apply for the loan beforehand. Either way, it’ll rarely take more than five minutes, and it’s all done in your app.

Spread the cost

Apply beforehand

Your loan and your overdraft

At the moment, our loans and overdrafts are connected, which means if you’re approved for a loan, you’ll be able to borrow as much as you have left in your entire available overdraft.

So if you’ve got £2000 left to spend out of, say, a £4000 overdraft, you’ll be able to turn anything up to £2000 into a loan, and when you do, we’ll just reduce your overdraft by whatever you borrow – then we’ll bump it back up again when you’ve paid it back.

What’s good about a Starling Loan?

Go your own way

Apply for a Starling loan in minutes from your app (no paperwork!) and once you’re approved, you’ll be able to buy that sofa instantly or spread the cost of last week’s holiday over a few months.

A fair deal

The interest rate you get will be tailored to you, with no hidden fees. It’ll always be a fair rate that’s lower than your overdraft, and we won’t charge you anything to set it up.

You’re in control

Get some structure. Everything’s right there in your app at a glance so you can see exactly how many payments you’ve got left, when they’ll be going out and how much they’ll be for.

Easy payback

Borrow as much as you have left in your overdraft, then when you start paying it back it’ll just come straight out of your personal account (and if you want to pay it back early, you won’t have to pay any additional fees or charges).

Advanced borrowing

Know in advance exactly what your rate is, how much you’ll pay in total and how long you can borrow it for.

Our personal loan calculator

Please enter an amount between £500 and £5000

How to apply

If we can offer you a loan, we’ll give you a nudge in the app, then to apply, you’ll have to go through a simple process in-app and answer a few questions about your general finances, as well as why you’d like the loan.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow anything between £500 and £5,000. The actual amount will be tailored to your own situation, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to see what you’re able to get before you even apply. It’s worth noting that you have to have an overdraft to get a Starling loan, and you can only borrow as much as you have left in your entire available overdraft.

What will my interest rate be?

We’ll tailor our loan offer to your personal financial situation, so to find out what yours will be, apply from your app in minutes. You’ll know in advance in-app if you can have one and how much it’ll cost you.

If it’s connected to my overdraft, why wouldn’t I just use that?

In short: it’ll save you money. Personal loans have a lower interest rate than overdrafts because they’re long-term and for something specific – with a defined repayment plan– so if you turn part of your overdraft into a loan, you should end up paying less for whatever you’ve borrowed.

Take control of your money

Download the app to apply for a Starling Bank account in minutes.

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