May 19 2019

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Payday cash advance

Need cash fast?

We offer small fast loans online.
Applying is quick, easy & confidential!

Fast & Secure Short Term Online Loans

100% Secure! Confidential and safe applications Quick and Simple. Get a fast cash loan today Up to $500! Easy small loans within minutes

How it works.

  1. Decide on the loan amount you like
    You can use our handy repayment calculator above to help you work out how much to borrow.
  2. Complete our easy online application
    Click “Apply Now” to submit our simple online application form
  3. Check your email
    Follow a few steps to activate your account with the code and password we send out to you
  4. Get approved
    Within hours you’ll find out if you have been approved. You can also log in and check at any time
  5. Get your money
    Once you’re approved, we will electronically deposit the money directly into your bank account that evening if your application was made before 2pm AEST

It really is that easy!

What Our Customers Are Saying

I would definitely recommend CashToday to all my friends. I didn’t have the funds to pay my bills and they were stacking up fast. With a payday loan taken out through CashToday I was able to pay my bills on time without the late fees; they were such a big help!

Thomas Y. Valued Customer

I was able to pay my car payment on time thanks to your easy payday loan. I was Expecting getting a Payday loan to be a big hassle, but it was so easy!

Trevor A. Valued Customer

Sometimes there are circumstances where you need extra money for bills or emergencies; this is an amazing service that I have used and will continue to do so.

Jason C. Valued Customer

With the assistance of CashToday’s amazing customer service I was able to not only get the amount of money I needed to pay my tuition, but I got the loan so quickly that I didn’t even miss a single class. Thank you CashToday for helping me through this process!

Casey H. Valued Customer

With the payday loan I took out I was able to pay my bills that were due. CashToday provides an amazing service and I hope that this company and others realize how valuable this is to people who may need extra money who live paycheck to paycheck.

Michael K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a short-term cash loan?

Sometimes despite your very best budget planning, you get hit with an unforeseen bill, you need cash to take care of emergency, or an opportunity comes up and you just can’t let it pass you by. You may need some extra cash within 24 hours and you don’t want the hassle and stress of long application times and piles of paperwork.

So what are you options? Cash advances on credit cards come with hefty fees, and you may feel uncomfortable borrowing from family or friends. If you have been searching for instant approval loans because you need cash today, a small online payday loan might be an option you are considering.

Will I get approved?

Wondering about our lending requirements? To be approved for a loan you must be an Australian resident over the age of 18, employed (or receiving Centrelink benefits in some cases), and have your income paid regularly into your bank account.

Applications for cash loans in Australia will consider your credit history. Bad credit may prevent us from being able to approve payday loans in Australia.

We love helping out Australians in a bind, but also we take our standards as a responsible lender seriously. If you aren’t sure that you can comfortably make repayments for your online payday loan, you can read our warning against borrowing here.

What documents do I have to provide?

We will need to verify your identity and income in order to process any cash loans online. 90 days worth of bank statements will be needed, and we will ask for a copy of your drivers license plus a utility bill that shows your current address.

Is a Cash Today loan right for me?

We help hundreds of people every year get access to fast cash when they need to because we understand that sometimes life is unpredictable!

Before applying for a loan with us, make sure you have explored all of your options. For example you could take another look at your budget, request free financial counseling, or there may be the option for a payment advance from Centrelink if you receive government benefits.

How much does it cost?

Our loans have the following simple fee structure:
20% of principal amount (establishment fee)
+ 4% of principal amount per month

What is your renewal policy?

Cash Today does not offer to renew or refinance loans.

We understand that despite your best intentions, circumstances can change and you might have problems making your repayments. In this case, it’s important that you speak with us and let us know what the problem is so that we can work with you to help you meet your obligations. If you do miss a payment or your direct debit fails, you may be charged additional fees or we may take further action. You can view our procedures for non-payment here.

About Cash Today

We have been offering short-term credit contracts to Australians since 2006. We operate under the Australian Credit License No: 387137. We are dedicated to offering easy loans quickly but do so only if this is in line with our criteria for responsible lending and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. You can read more about this here.

While it can be tempting to look to instant approval loans when you need cash today, we want to make sure that our loans are the right fit for our customers. In automating systems some applications could be declined unnecessarily. Our approvals are done by real people.

We are happy to be able to offer a loan status within just a few hours of receiving an application and we have hundreds of happy returning customers because of our more personal approach to lending.

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